Saddle box – stationary 1500x600x600


Stationary Equestrian Equipment Cabinets Galvanized 1500x600x600


  • The stationary equestrian equipment cabinets was created baset on the managment of the saddlery, coming from the need to store a large amount of eqestrian equipment. 
  • The equestrian equipment cabinets is made of galvanied steel. 
  • Equipped with two saddle hangers.
  • 1 shelf in the upper part of the equestrian equipment cabinets for the balkets and saddle pads. 
  • 3 bridle holders, inside the equestrian equipment cabinets and two on the door.
  • A single - point lock.
  • Possiblity of ordering a third saddle hanger


​Product code : AL.410 

1500x600x600, weight : 48 kg



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