Rug and saddle clothes dryer- electric heater

Dug and saddle clothes dryer HRD2 - electric heater

  • Economical storage rugs and saddle clothes
  • Accelerates the drying process immediately
  • Electrical heater designed for drying rugs and saddle clothes and other silimal equesterian items by them flameless heating, to the temperature about 60-70 ° C (at ambient temperature of 20 ° C)
  • Drying helps to minimize the influence of moisture on the development of fungi and microorganisms, which extends the life of rugs and eliminates the formation of unpleasant odors
  • The dryer frame is made of powder coated steel tubes filled with environmentally safe heat carrier heated by a 600W electric heater

Technical :

Ean : 5907222958278

Code : 500.974.01

Power [W]: 2x600


Heat Carrier : ethylene glicol solution

The volume of heat carrier [dm3]: 2 x 4,5

Weight : 32 kg

Power [V/HZ] : ~230/50-60

Rated current : 2x2,6

Level of security IP : IP 44

Dimensions : 1868x480x1076 mm