Horse solarium “INOX”



  • Solarium consists of three panels, each equipped with 6 IR lamps, and two germicidal fluorescent lamps.
  • The solarium causes the horse not only to dry faster after training or bathing, it also gives better heat distribution, stimulates circulation in muscle tisues, which simultaneously relieves stress or tension and has a calming effect. 
  • The new model or the solarium was created for a better ventilation, the spaces between the panels allow free flow of moist air. 
  • An additional advantage are the lamps that directly towards the front, allowing for heating of the neck part.
  • That kind of stainless steel used in the production of the solarium belongs to the group of steel with special physiochemical properties resistant to corrosion by weather confditions, acids, etc. 
  • By choosing this modek, you invest in a quality products for many years to come.
  • The control are available in standard or in the coin version.